The Steakshop

E-Commerce Web Development

The brief

SteakShop is our favourite butchery in the entire world. So when we got to build a new website for them when they rebranded, we were over the moon! SteakShop wanted to sell their delicious meats and biltong online, and we made it happen for them.

We started this project by first working with Effective Marketing to design a new logo, at which point we could start setting up the website with its brand colors and fonts.

What made this project unique, is that the price of meat products change frequently, so we needed to build out a process that could handle the frequent pricing updates without causing any kind of issues.

Upon Project Completion:

A first for butcheries in Polokwane

As Steakshop was the first butchery in Polokwane to actually invest in proper digital marketing efforts, their website is easily outcompeting other butcheries in town in terms of ranking high on Google result pages. This means that anyone searching for meat or butcheries in Polokwane, will actually find the Steakshop first, meaning they will probably turn into lifetime customers once they had some of their delicious C-grade biltong. As we don’t give our client financial information to the public, the most we can say without breaking client confidentiality is that their marketing ROI on this website has been 50X to date so far.

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