Spraynet Agri

Web Development

The brief

Spraynet is an agricultural equipment supplier that is ready to move into the next chapter of their new marketing journey. That digital marketing journey begins with a massive catalogue WordPress website.

Right off the bat we knew this project would be a major one. Spraynet has a equipment catalogue with over 800 products. These range from small sprayer nozzles, all the way up to electrical self propelled sprayers.

For this project we knew that we couldn’t actually build out 800 product pages by hand, so we built this massive list with Advanced Custom Fields and Dynamic Data. Combining these two powerful plugins with custom designed product pages, we managed to build a solution that not only looks great, but that also didn’t cost Spraynet the farm…

Upon Project Completion:

Helping farmers grow their farms and feeding folks.

Our main takeaway from this project, was the sheer amount of products that are used in the agricultural landscape. Secondly, we have a soft point for anything farming related, as we can only imagine just how difficult and stressful it must be to feed a nation on a budget. Lastly, working with Spraynet has been a highlight of this year and its just a pleasure seeing a company that pride in their product line, and then backing  it up with their friendly, professional team of fantastic folks. Looking forward to working with them well into the future.

* A side note : The full project will only be completed in early 2024.

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