Fresca Farms

Brand Development

The brief

Fresca Farm is another new client we landed this year. Their entire brand was in desperate need of an overhaul, as they have large contracts with Shoprite and all of their branding needed to be done well.

Fresca Farms is one of those success stories you hear about where a farm has been in three generations and with that typically comes an old logo that was designed when the company was still starting out.

This logo was probably the most difficult logo to design as there was four decision makers that all wanted to give their own input and spin on the logo. But since we have almost 10 years of design experience, we knew how to solve this unique problem and get the brand refresh going.

Upon Project Completion:

Farming in style with the new Fresca Farms

The brand design with Fresca was an arduous process, but once everyone was happy with the brand, all other brand elements fell into place with relative ease.

And since Fresca Farms works with FreshMark we will eagerly be awaiting so see some of our designs land inside big stores like Shoprite and PnP.

We look forward to working with Daandre on multiple other projects and any other Fresca design elements in the future.

*Sidenote : The Fresca Farm website is currently inline after two other brands being built by our team for Daandre and their family.

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