Buffelsfontein Makelaars

Brand Development

The brief

Louis is another awesome client referred to us by a long time regular client. He wanted his logo and branding to be more modern and stylish. As soon as we spoke, we knew this was going to be great work.

The first thing we noticed from their old logo, is that the buffalo icon looked too generic, but the khaki color was actually something we liked for their brand as they are based in farming community with a main part of their services being based on wildlife and agricultural insurance.

We also then started looking for a serif supporting font to instill more trust into their customers, as insurance is heavily based on trust.

Upon Completion:

Reimagining insurance with Buffelsfontein makelaars

Not to toot our own horn, but we are really proud of this excellent logo. The new buffalo icon is more minimalist and slim, but at the same time conveys a more modern and professional brand.

The new font choices also adds much needed complexity to the brand, which will definitely become useful in all their future branding and signage efforts. The main brand color has also been updated to an olive green color, with the Khaki taking a backseat to the secondary color. These small attention to detail features, is what separates the lower tier brand identities from better ones. We are also happy to announce that Louis loves his new logo, and is looking forward to keep developing his brand in the future.

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