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At Pixel by Pixel, we believe there is a better way to do marketing. Not all business owners has the time to go study about internet marketing or learn how to craft beautiful designs, so we did the hard work.
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About Me

I started with web and graphic design somewhere in 2014 by just learning the basic languages of the internet. I fell in love with the coding aspect and applied it to the rebuilding of bad websites to help small companies compete with the big brands online.

I started under another company name, called Simply SEO as I saw the high demand for this service in Polokwane. I read everything I could from the top 5 big SEO companies online, and then I read it again...
Unfortunately I found that most companies in Polokwane was not ready to invest in this weird SEO service back in 2014/2015. So I decided to broaden our expertise into graphic design services too.

So we got into graphic design, and it our first adverts were really really bad, but like the old saying goes "aanhouers wen". And we did, our ads got better and looked professional after about 1 year.
So we buckled down and got to grips with the industry standard tools, Photoshop and Illustrator. It was actually so frustrating getting used to these programs that I might have gone a bit crazy at some point. Luckily I don't think I'm crazy anymore and love both of these tools now.

So through all the struggles we found a nice middle ground where graphic design, SEO, internet marketing, social marketing and website design all comes together really well, and to be 100% honest, we flippen love it.

-Ian Cahn, owner of Pixel By Pixel

About Our Name

A lot of brain power has gone into our decision, and close seconds were names like Pixel Factory(easiest logo ever), but we finally chose Pixel By Pixel for the simple reason that this is exactly how we approach life and projects - step by step/brick by brick ect...

A pixel for the older people on our website, is the smallest graphic block in design. So we wanted to be fancy, and with the step by step mentality, we settled on the name of Pixel By Pixel. And let me tell you, the logo was the hardest problem we had to overcome in a very long time. How do you design something that people cant actually see?

So we brainstormed and figured out that we obviously needed a "block" approach. But we also had to incorporate our P's somehow into the logo.

We then played around and found a concept online that gave us the inspiration to design our current(and hopefully) last logo for a very long time.

Our approach to marketing and design

We try to approach business with the Kaizen mentality of continuous improvement.

Kaizen in short is about always improving and finding ways to innovate life and business.

We believe that if something is not busy growing, its busy dying. We use this to push ourselves to think differently about our business and designs.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the premium marketing company choice for small and businesses in the Limpopo province.
We plan to do this by delivering better quality services than our competitors that are not following the Kaizen principle.

Most design companies dont really understand the seriousness of their services, and that is that your action directly impacts a company's well being and livelihood. We understand this, so we give our best to help our clients succeed through our marketing efforts.

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