Are you looking for website design in Polokwane?

Pixel By Pixel is a website design company that helps small and medium companies by designing websites that not only looks good, but also helps convert online visitors into actual clients.

Builds Credibility

Just by being online, your business will gain credibility from people looking for your products or services. Ask yourself if you would trust a company that has no website.

Improves Customer Service

A website has the benefit of being available 24/7 , meaning your client can go through your product range or services at their own pace and on their own time.

Larger Market Share

80% of all people will search online before going to buy products. That means if you don’t have a website, you are not even competing for 4 out of 5 potential clients.

Why Website Design is Vital in the modern age.

Think about the first impressions your website creates for the world and your clients about your company.
Designing a great website is a combination of specialized skills ranging from graphic design, awesome storytelling
with just a hint of psychology, all rolled into optimized web technology.

Reasons Why Your Website Should be Amazing:


A great looking website will start building trust and credibility with potential clients and customers,
before they actually meet you or your company.


Your website is always on call. Your awesome website should be your best salesman and lead generator.
Your website works 24-7 without labor cost or sick days.


Digital Marketing and Social Marketing is way more cost-effective than traditional ways of marketing.
This allows you to either save money or reach a wider audience with the same budget.


A great website is a great convenience for your customer base.
They can browse through your products and services at their own leisure.


A website address is easier to remember than a entire phone number.
If a client remembers your business name, they should be able to find you online.

Some of Our Latest Work:

Simply Pizza

One of our favorite clients and their pizzas are a guilty pleasure of ours too.
We first met Paul back in 2016, when he didn’t have a website at all, so we created a small website to help get the word out. Today the website has transformed into a fully fledged E-Commerce Pizza website complete with email marketing and stock management capabilities.

Hakai Pass

This is a demo website we created to show how great photography can literally make or break a website. So we scoured through the web, looking for beautiful wood cabins surrounded by pristine lakes. Although we wish this place was real, it only lives in our hearts and minds… And we don’t even fish.  <0)))><

Get FUEL Online

FUEL is a Clean, Honest and Effective supplement provider based in Polokwane with a wide re-seller network across southern Africa. When we first met FUEL, their website was in need of some tender loving design and SEO care. Now, their website sports a brand new look that better aligns their website with their brand strategy and clients.

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