Does your website bring in clients from Google?

If your website does not generate new leads and business, it might be time to take a look and improve your search engine optimization.

Your website ranks for certain keywords on Google. And that directly affects how many people learn about your products and services.

Our goal is to get more people to find your business on the internet,
and we use a couple of different SEO strategies to achieve this.

So what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is always seen as this weird shadow subject in the digital marketing spectrum.
But this is not the case, simply put SEO is the term used for all the techniques and processes used to try and get your website to rank higher on Google.

So the mysticism surrounding SEO comes from the fact that Google has around 200 ranking factors, and these factors gets tweaked or completely changed multiple times per year, and the hard job of SEO Companies are to figure out which ranking factors are important and adjust strategy accordingly.

Companies that inspire our SEO Strategies

Why Is SEO so important?

Ranking higher in Local Search directly leads to increased visits and sales. 81% of people will research online before heading to a store.

Your competitors are already doing it. If your website sucks, its not a far stretch of the imagination to think who is gaining all the online customers.

Compared to the costs associated with traditional forms of marketing such as newspaper ads, flyers, or cold calling, SEO strategies offers good ROI.

Ranking very high for your target keywords will signal to searching clients that you are indeed a key player in your industry.

Proper optimization not only improves your Google page ranking, it also improves overall customer experience.

With Google’s new Mobile first update, a responsive/mobile friendly website is actually more important than your desktop website version.

Are you impressed yet?

Why Choose Us?

Below are a few screenshots of companies ranking well on Google for their selected keywords.

Limpopo Water,  a website I built and optimized about 2 years ago. This website was the first real test to see how enduring the effects of proper SEO can be on normal websites. And its still ranking high after all this time.

Rhino Linings, a company that fits and supplies vehicle accessories, is another client that had proper SEO applied a long time ago, and it is still ranking well. This shows what great ROI proper optimization can deliver.

Ex10dor, a security gate supplier has been a long time client of ours, and their rankings are only starting to taper off now, even in this very competitive industry competing against giants like Maxidor and Trellidor.

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