We grow small businesses with
Digital Marketing in Polokwane

We help brands to gain a competitive advantage in the digital world.

Pixel by Pixel is a digital marketing agency in Polokwane that helps small companies grow their brand online. From simple website upgrades all the way up to complete SEO packages, we have the tools, resources and experience to help you.

Website Design

We build awesome looking websites that will help convert online visitors into real paying customers.

Graphic Design

Its been said that an picture is worth a thousand words, so get great looking artwork to represent your brand.


The top 2 search results get around 80% of the traffic, showing how important Search Engine Optimization is to your website.

Brand Identity

If you are starting a business its vital to look good to the public. We help people create brands that look fantastic and polished.

Social Media Marketing

We are able to help you with social media marketing, so you dont have to sit and look at Facebook cat videos for the entire day.

More Digital Marketing

If you need help with Google My Business listings, or just struggling to setup your email marketing, we are here to help.


Level the Playing Field

Digital Marketing provides small and medium businesses the chance to compete and attract their share of targeted traffic.

Save On Marketing

Internet and Social Marketing makes it possible to reach your target audience instead of wasting money on shotgun traditional marketing.

Measure Client Conversions

Online businesses have the capability to view how many people visit their websites and how much traffic actually converts into paying customers.


We are problem solvers in the digital advertising arena.
We provide creative solutions to problems faced by small and medium companies all over South Africa.

We are of course talking about the hectic task of creating a digital presence, managing a healthy social media following, designing the new company logo all while trying to keep your businesses afloat!


We believe in the “continuous improvement” mindset called Kaizen.

Our approach to life is different.

Our approach  to design is different.

Our approach to business is different.

By following our digital marketing process, we can help position your brand to better appeal to your target market
and in the process turn your website into a website that actually works.


I required a lot of guidance and this was dispatched in a direct yet highly professional manner.  Ian Cahn possesses exceptional in-depth subject knowledge and the effect of different advertising approaches on the receiving audience. Always courteous, very capable and skillful with an evident flair for advertising. An absolute privilege and joy to interact with a man of his integrity, dedication and pleasant demeanor.

Jurgen, Owner of BYDG

We at FUEL had an excellent time working with PixelByPixel with regards to the refresh and upgrade of our brand.
They also have great coffee on tap and the designs are perfect and really address the desired target market.

Gary, Owner of FUEL Supplements



Here we will be writing  helpful articles with regards to all things website,seo and design related.

About Us

With a frustrating internet browsing session way back in early 2014, we saw the state that most Polokwane websites are in.
So with the passion for helping people and their business, the idea of “websites that work” was born.

Having spent most of his life in technology , Ian Cahn decided to start learning web languages and graphic design. Guided by his sales savvy father, and a great mentor in the website design field( Danie Oosthuizen) he started his interesting journey of building a company that sells websites that not only looks great, but is designed with the best web practices in mind.
Because having a great ranking on Google never hurt anyone 😀